Reacting to WODE MAYA SOUTH SUDAN VIDEOS | Changing my mind set

1 month ago

Reacting to wode maya’s South Sudan videos, As I always thought of south Sudan as a war country, But maya’s visist to the country changed the way I believed things on the media.
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The Struggle Continues

8 thoughts on “Reacting to WODE MAYA SOUTH SUDAN VIDEOS | Changing my mind set”

  1. We more culturally and friendly people in earth. You feel one of the family straight away. Every Africans are welcome home welcome to South Sudan. We have to stop listening and watching those western media about 🌍 africa.

  2. Definitely my dear bro, I was also shocked, and at the same time surprised when I watched those South Sudan videos. Especially, the Western media, they have always showcase South South as a war zone territory. Wodemaya South Sudan videos are amongst the best videos on Africa. Wodemaya, deserves an Africa award. Where is the AU?

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