Response to Rudeboy – REASON WITH ME

11 months ago

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This is a response to one of the P Square guys, Rudeboy’s song Reason with me.

Disclaimer: I hold no rights to the instrumental and some words and melody were borrowed from the song “Reason with me”
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The Struggle Continues

23 thoughts on “Response to Rudeboy – REASON WITH ME”

  1. First time visiting you and I came cuz of this video 😍
    Girl you nailed it , no discussion 💯!!!!

    I love the commentary you did at first , cuz it’s important that people who aren’t in the the place to be twisting things , to start misinterpreting 🙄

    Your voice is beautiful ! So I’m joining your family, new SUBBIE🎉❤️ hope I’m welcomed
    And I hope you can kindly support me back
    Let’s grow together !!

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