Rethinking the State of the Liberation Struggle, Exploiting our Visible Paths to Victory!

2 months ago

Ester is a time of rebirth, a time of forgiveness and most especially a time of hope. The Risen Christ is an embodiment of love and sacrifice. This is a propitious moment to remind the people of the once independent state of Southern Cameroons also known as Ambazonia that because God ordained our liberation struggle, we must return to Him in all we do. It is time to once more let out the devil and let in God so that together we can again look at the future with hope, with courage and with confidence in the same direction. In this video, I highlight our pitfalls and propose a viable forward, so that together we quickly exploit the existing paths still available to attain our freedom. Watch on!


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Rethinking the State of the Liberation Struggle, Exploiting our Visible Paths to Victory!”

  1. Desperation is when people hang on to the idea of IG, when experts and diplomats on conflicts of independence say over and over again that having a government of a nation that has no recognition, nor support whatsoever from a powerful nation doesn't help.

  2. To be honest, we need to join with antisandinards and fight for Cameroon. This southern Cameroon independence is turning out to be money for these leaders. No progress on the ground. Most times in life we don’t get what we wished for. Now we have guns, make this a larger Cameroon fight because leaders are lying about their promises of independence because they know we will keep donating money. We all know the United Nations and Etas don’t want us independent. We are divided in pays and France keeps exploiting our division.tired of this BS

  3. May God bless you comrade JMA.With you one can still have hope on this struggle and I pray that every sn cmnians of good will should listen and meditate on ur words for some +ve change

  4. U devil incarnate.
    Unmask yourself and stop this hypocrisy. U go behind and orchestrate divisive movements then turn around to preach unity.
    U greedy and power thirsty devil. U want to be communication secretary

  5. JMA please can you tell Ambazonians how you became a member of Consortium not to talk of being the leader? Can you tell Ambazonians why we should trust and believe in your fruitless attempts to frustrate the revolution? Honestly, you could be a successful activist without expressing your frustrating efforts for power. Your actions in many groups are very suspicious and we need you to convince us if you are not lrc sponsored agent. Time shall unveil the hidden watch out.

  6. Knowing what you call revolution, and revolutionaries fighters, Ambazonia etc, and in the same time calling the name of God and Jesus it is like you are taking a s#it in public. Your knowledge and wisdom becomes defiled… As a so-called man of God, i hope you know that greed is a sin, as well as lies, and defrauding. If you have chose to support this nonsense, the way it stands, please don’t call the name of God or Jesus.
    Anyway i always want to ask you a question: With whom do you identify yourself in all this madness ?

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