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Road to My Village “Bamenda – Kumbo”

This short video documentary shows the struggle that the people traveling to and from Kumbo through Bamenda highway road are going through. I wish we come out of this in some years to come, although we’ve been suffering through this same problems for decades… May God Bless Cameroon


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  1. bebinca says:

    This is so bad. I never thought Cameroon was just like India.

  2. ayibluap says:

    thinking that things will get better if Anglophones secede from the francophone is unrealistic. You find similar situations like this in other parts of cameroon. Look at Douala airport. Its been neglected. If that was in the english speaking part of the country, we would attribute it to marginalization.
    The problem we face is that of a regime which is corrupt and has done nothing in the past 27 years to build or even maintain the country's infrastructure.

  3. ayibluap says:

    Cameroon need is a leader who will unite the country and bring development. I do not care if he/she is an anglophone or francophone.. We need to celebrate our cultural diversity and not use it to pitch one part of the country against another. Divided we fall, united we stand.

  4. Stinyuy says:

    Yes!! this is our reality, this is our life.
    Vrai!! voici notre réalité.

  5. olysheety says:

    lol they will spend all day pushin cars out instead of just fixin the shit

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