Rosewill RK-8200 Backlit Gaming Keyboard with 10 Macro Keys Overview

9 years ago

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Video overview of the Rosewil RK-8200 gaming keyboard. Full review @


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6 thoughts on “Rosewill RK-8200 Backlit Gaming Keyboard with 10 Macro Keys Overview”

  1. I imagine that the side USB port would be very handy for plugging in a wireless mouse dongle to make the connection more stable, and it would be a more elegant solution than taping an extension cord to one's desk (which many people do).

    Great review, BTW. I'll have to get one of these soon.

  2. Where are the driver downloads for this keyboard!? I have the keyboard i bought from a friend and he didn't have the driver cd. Rosewill doesn't even have this listed on their website. They have the RK-8100 but not the RK-8200. I don't get it. Can someone help me with the drivers? I want to use this keyboard. Help please and thanks in advance!

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