Royal Messenjah ft. Joss Stone – The Gambia

2 years ago

Surrounded by crocodiles and under an almighty silk cotton tree, we shot a little vid with Royal Messenjah​ in The Gambia. Mr Messenjah wrote this song with the aim to unite The Gambia. Watch the vid to find out if it worked…

New album, ‘Water For Your Soul,’ out now!



The Struggle Continues

23 thoughts on “Royal Messenjah ft. Joss Stone – The Gambia”

  1. josh Stone you suck, but thank you for introducing us to so many great artists worldwide…cheap advice; stick to producing and keep out of the would improve them 100%

  2. good lord she just repeats the lyrics and w.out any feeling…!!reality check, no one will tell you this because you have money but josh stone you have no soul, stay away from trying world music…you come short every single time…i've seen most of these videos…you actually get in the way of these great artists…

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