Rozey Heaven Rejoicing Cover by Calista

9 months ago

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What is “THE HIDDEN VOICE” Mashup/Cover Music Competition?

“The Hidden Voice” Cameroon is a unique project, one-of-a-kind in the world of music. It is characterized by the unique format of the event, variety of stylistics and performing features of aspiring musicians from different parts of the world, openness to the new, the intrigue of contest, combination of entertainment and high artistic level of participants’ performance.

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The fundamental difference of this project from other music competitions is that it’s an absolutely new format: it calls out new untapped raw talents to put together interpreting songs of any known artists and match them up as they so desire to bring out a completely new entertaining stuff. It doesn’t start by putting them on stage with all the pressure, but from their comfort zones to actually see their capabilities. The project is also about seeing the improvisation skills of these young people.

The TOP 5 selected winners shall be groomed into their dreams through different music workshops, leadership skills, talks, entrepreneurship programs, a monthly production of their audio and “Studio” video mashup works each, for the period of one year.

Our Records Management Label shall brand them not only in bringing out these talents out but to build up morals so as to bring up a new set of artists who will not only entertain, but also educate and impact the society positively. After making their names known to the public through their different mashup/cover productions, we will gradually guide them into their musical career dream journey.

The Hidden Voice Team
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Facebook Page: The Hidden Voice Cameroon
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