S59 Interim Report | Release of report into racial profiling of doctors by medical aids

1 month ago

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The Section 59-Investigation panel into racial profiling of doctors by medical aids has indicated they will release their interim report today. The High court in Pretoria earlier struck off the court roll the application by the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) due to lack of urgency. Gems asked the court to stop the release of the Section 59 interim report. The report was set to be released Sunday. Gems brought the urgent application saying it was not within the powers of Section 59-Investigation to release the report.

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The Struggle Continues

7 thoughts on “S59 Interim Report | Release of report into racial profiling of doctors by medical aids”

  1. Gems has been unethical all these years, finances of members are not handled correctly. The dependents funds are abused. A person who did not go Doctor for a long period, he will be informed that your funds are exhausted without provided with detailed information.

  2. I wonder if these medical schemes do consider the situation in the country related to the spike in the service of a particular discipline for example psychology in these times of corona and confusion and it's psychological assault on persons.
    All they want it seems is to have less claims, hayi ke the government one is DISAPPOINTING AND ANNOYING.

  3. This is true. Am one of the victims of this investigation, which ended in a 17 years court appearance, and they ended withdrawing the charges, with no redress or communication. Am helpless financially to challenges these companies.

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