Safety An SMS Away

4 years ago

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This video is about a major innovation in the health sector in Cameroon, the use of ICTs to save the lives of pregnant women and their babies in Lagdo, North Region of Cameroon. By the dispatch of a single sms or a flash, the pregnant woman in distress reaches an ambulance driver who is guided to her location a google earth map, a medical doctor, a midwife and nurses who start rushing to the hospital to attend to her as fast as possible.


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Safety An SMS Away”

  1. Amazing! Great innovation! This will surely go a long way to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Cameroon! Most of our women are unable to benefit from quality health care services due to several reasons, creating awareness is one step forward on health education and with this innovation….I see a breakthrough! The health team did a great job, the doctor expressed excellent leadership skills, was quite compassionate and gentle with the patient, nurses did a great job, and the reporter is outstanding! Well done!

  2. It's really heartwarming to know that such progress can be put in place! Wonderful reporting @ John Mbah Akuroh! U did a good report. What a wonderful team!!! More grace to you all in Jesus name!

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