SAM_1355.flv REUNIFICATION ZERO PAPERS CONTROVERSY: Lawyer Ekontang Agrees with Hon. Ayah

6 years ago

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Right Learned Ekontang Elad who is still practising law here in Buea with a very respected legal chambers in Great Soppo in his name here agrees with Honorable Ayah Paul Abine of the People’s Action Party that there is no legal instrument that governmened or guided the reunification of West and East Cameroons on that ill-fated October 1, 1961.

Stay stuned for the full interview. Here is just an introduction that states clearly this total harmony in view between these two great scholars of the law. This view comes at a time when other Cameroonian Social Thinkers like Dr. Nfor Susungi are propagating an opposite view, holding that there really exists a document that formalises the reunification between the so-called Southern Cameroons and the also so-called La Republique du Cameroun.


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The Struggle Continues

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