SAM_1576.flvUNDER THE RAINS @MILE 17: My Guys Cry Out for Anglophone Presidency

6 years ago

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I left Kumb early morning for an emergency presence at The Post newspaper in Buea where I am an at-large consultant. The entire journey of some 60km from Kumba to Buea were all covered under rainy conditions, this being one of the months here with the heaviest downpour year-in, year-out.

Upon arriving at Mile 17, and before taking the urban taxi cab for The Post newspaper head office in Soppo, near the GCE, I had to pay the usual allegiance stop at the park area to speak with my boys here. They have for always become my soul mates since that fateful October 1, 2011, when I was humiliated, beaten and picked up here by the combined military-police security for having come here to foster the noble cause of the SCNC, the Southern Cameroons National Council. This is an umbrella name for the varying and various groups struggling for deserved respect for the minority English-speaking peoples of Cameroon.

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Each time I alight at Mile 17, the moment one of these my men spots me the shout to joy and alert to his friends to come around go out viz: “Hah! SCNC PAH! Welcome.”

It is here after that the boys immediately gather around me for a free for all discussion of whatever comes out of their or my minds at the moment.

Mile 17, like the front area around the Press Center in Kumba, is fast also becoming what I call the open-air office of LVP, Libertas, Veritas, Probitas, the political movement that I am chairing in courage.

One of the truths shared this raining morning here at Mile 17, Fako, very near the very imposing Cameroon Mountain, as witness of monumental significance, is the determination to see it come true very soon that the next president of this officially bi-cultural Cameroon be an Anglophone; after we have had two Francophones already as president, El Hadj Ahmadou Ahidjo and present headache, Paul Biya.

It is the most gentlemanly thing to happen to see this truth come true; it matters to me not whether that Anglophone President be the chairman of LVP; what matters most is that let it come to pass, as it is a birthright for a son or daughter of this not insignificant part of the republic to take on the mantle of leadership— if only to temper the assimilating and domineering impact of negative consequence of the French culture and the Francophone over the Anglo-saxon and the English-speaking people of Cameroon.

All for one, one for All; One for all, all for One/Tous pour un, un pour Tous; Un pour tous, tous pour Un

What goes around, comes around! On ne fait rien qu’a soi-meme!



The Struggle Continues

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