SAM_2693.flv Security Forces Occupy Buea: October 1, 2012 Eve Scare Tactics/Brutality

6 years ago

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The Paul Biya dying years are indeed very similar. This dictatorship, like most of the others, will never learn. Year in year out same old methods for old noble problems that will never go away. Rather than be bold and tackle the bull by the horns by opening a free and open national dialogue on this national canker worm that is the English-speakers’ minority problem inherited right at the very birth of the nation post independence, the cowardly and condenscending Biya government is yet still insisting on the arm-twisting approach of you either accept my bribe and eat and shut up or I come catching and crushing you.

At the eve of this year’s October 1, the whole of the city of Buea is infested by the Buea brutal boys— the police, the gendarmes and even the military are out here using hard measures to intimidate in its their desperate efforts to show the world that all is quiet on this Southwestern Front, in salute of reunification that he, Mr. Biya, plans to come here and glorify any time soon.

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A release from a civil society organisation just received reveals that some seven people of fighting the anglophone battle for respect and self-determination have been detained and things may degenerate this night breaking tomorrow.

The Southern Cameroons National Council that coordinated activities for last year that culminated with the picking and locking up of some three hundred people, including me, Patrick Sianne, has not as yet disclosed its agenda for the day of historic measure that is tomorrow. While we wait for the remaining hours to die out and reveal the full significance of this another day of looming hostility, the least I can say here from fact gathered around me and from the visible pictures of intimidation as of the damns too generous and obvious deployment of security officer from the police, the gendarmes and even the military permit me to say it looks like a night of the long knife here at the foot of Mount Fako.

Some timid efforts are underway in the city to placate the inhabitants are well underway, the the new Building of the Buea Rural/City Council, at the Mountain Hotel and Parliamtarian Flat of the old golden days of British and West Cameroon. Pipe lines are hurriedly being dug here and there and there seems to be a road in construction linking Buea to Mile Four on the way out to Limbe, and the city council


The Struggle Continues

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