Scared And Jumpy NJ Elizabeth Police Shoot Unarmed Man, Bodycam Video Proves They Lied

5 months ago

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Police say 37-year-old Michael Bates was waving a gun in the air, and that’s why they shot him in the stomach. But his attorneys argue the video paints a different scene, saying Bates had nothing more than a cell phone.
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DISCLAIMER: This video features some instances of police brutality and is shown to bring awareness to this problem. For News Reporting & Educating Purpose Only.

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Not intended to promote violence or hate towards police.

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10 thoughts on “Scared And Jumpy NJ Elizabeth Police Shoot Unarmed Man, Bodycam Video Proves They Lied”

  1. It is a tragedy that Mr. Bates was violated by these brown-shirt thugs. I am glad that he lived. Now he can sue these violent beasts that roam the streets. I hope that they all do hard time and Mr. Bates gets very well compensated.

  2. Government wants to take guns away from the American people, then they really with out a doubt need to take them from the cops because they kill more innocent people than anyone I know

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