SCNC Budget Committee 04 03 19

11 months ago

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Link to Meeting Agenda:

1. 2. 3. 4.
Call to Order & Roll Call (1 min).
Approval of Minutes if available (4 min).
Update by the Chair (4 min).
Public Comments on non-agenda items within the Board’s jurisdiction (2 min
per stakeholder, total of 15 min). Report by Eric Preven, Budget Chair
Commendatory resolution to Niederberg for handling the credit card and review of current practice.
Possible Motion:
6. Announcement of Reimbursement Schedule Treasurer (4 min).
7. Neighborhood Purpose Grant to Carpenter Charter School for Science Lab Materials
Carpenter Ave. serves a community of over 1000 students and families
(4 x $280) Vex IQ Robotics, Starter Kits with sensors…$1,120
(10 x $30) Rechargeable batteries & charger….$300
(6 x$80) Outdoor umbrellas for outdoor science classroom and (6 x$30) base weights…$660
Total: $1,980.00 Possible Motion:
8. Totally Amazing Event
Review of previous two event budgets and discussion of upcoming event.
In the interest of Transparency
What do Studio City Stakeholders think? Possible motion:
9. Reimbursement for GAC/Bylaw/Budget Discussion followed by more discussion.
12/09/2018 12/15/2018 12/15/2018 12/20/2018
copies copies copies printer ink
$0.96 $7.23 $13.01 $56.38
Total $77.58
$111.48 +interest
Starbucks (Eric Preven)
What is the proper interest rate for each month of delay? Or should the reimbursee simply eat the cost of time?
What do Studio City Stakeholders think?
9.Report from Treasurer on Budget outlook as we begin the New Year!
10. Closing comments by the Chair (3 min) 11. Adjournment (1 min).


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The Struggle Continues

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