SCNC Bylaws Committee_02-21-17

2 years ago

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Link to Meeting Agenda:

Link to Map: StudioCity Districts_2016-07-26 –

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1. Call to Order & Roll Call (1 min).
2. Approval of the October 25th, 2016 minutes. (2 min).
3. Update by the Committee Chair (5 min)
4. Public Comments on non-agenda items within the Committee’s jurisdiction (5 min).
5. Response(s) to public comments by Committee Members (5 min).
6. Presentation, discussion and possible motions regarding changes to stakeholder definitions, board makeup and stakeholder voting procedures. (45 min)
7. Comments from members on subject matter within the Committee’s jurisdiction (5 min).
8. Closing comments by the Committee Chair. (5 min)
9. Adjournment (1 min)


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