17 thoughts on “SCNC Convention 29 June 2019 11 41 12 PM”

  1. The world has been polluted with injustice. It's unbelievable that the UK Gov't will inflicked such a devilish suffering acts on the people of Southern Cameroon whom they colonised then later sold over to another French African neighbouring country La Republique du Cameroun, strictly for their economic benefits. Despite the genocidal and humanitarian catastrophe going on in that Land. They the UK Gov't decided to turn a blind eye to the situation. Shameful acts displayed by the Commonwealth Office. Not only did they turn a blind eye, they also restricted other friendly Nations including international Press medias not to come to our aid. According to them human rights violation laws are not applied to the people of Southern Cameroon.

  2. MP Wirba, thanks for telling Ambazonians de truth & to all power mongers back off…Repent all u self acclaimed leaders, U power mongers using de enemy statics LRV
    ( La Republic du Vampires ) divide & rule to destroy our brothers/sisters back….change ur ways now or u all will be held accountable after dis struggle… thank U honorable Wirba for de advise….

  3. Hon. Wirba that was a great intervention. I understand that you thank Sako the thieve to please his brainless and corrupt followers. That was not necessary. That bandit should be in jail after stealing 1.8M from Ambazonian and causing the death of hundreds of boys on ground zero.

  4. While we are out there making biblical quotations, LRC (LRV) and his allies are busy carrying out genocide and sealing deals with international community. The ONLY way forward is to intensify ground zero fire power.

  5. Wirba doesn't believe in ambazonia nor pronounce the word ambasonia,thus can't before God lead the God ordained revolution while those who went through the test of time sit behind. Eric chinje organised a round table he said it is SISIKU AYUK TABE that wants to divide his ccountry-cameroun.It is Sisiku that has received the worst flech/spear from France/lrc,and the one received the next worse attacks after SISIKU,is Dr SAKO& only the two-SISIKU&SAKO were chosen & prepared by God for this revolution to lead us across the mungo river, to Buea. Anyone other than one of the two, southern cameroun, should wait for God's wrath even after freedom. So, please SCnians, allow God's will&choices to prevail over southern cameroun. I am a special child of God from the hills of Fontem-Lebialem. If God kept me for 2months without eating,drinking only water, it was for such moments. The dialogue should start from the freedom of SISIKU. His mistakes while in prison was due the affliction he received from the french/lrc via their agents amongst us because they want to impose to God those not chosen by God. God chose Moses who even refused with claims that he wasn't eloquent enough in speaking but God incisted on Moses &intead added to him Aaron as spokesman. Nelson Mandela ruled for a short while before passing the blessing to someone else. SCnians God chosed SISIKU & SAKO. The revolution cannot change God's choice to monsters choice. Your will be done oh God. Liar, Sisiku never asked anyone to give him honor.

  6. Wirba,Liar,Sisiku never asked anyone to give him honor as president.If they did so it was bcause of his works.Ok,that's why after betraying him into prison, u send fru ndi to aflict him in court with an evil handshake to God's prisoner? The will of God be done. Amen.

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