SCNC GAC Meeting 12 05 18

1 year ago

Link to Meeting Agenda:

1. Call to Order & Roll Call (1 min).
2. Approval of October 20, Government Affairs Committee minutes (3 min).
3. Update by the Committee Chair (2 min).
4. Public Comments on non-agenda items within the Committee’s jurisdiction
5. Response(s) to public comments by Committee Members (5 min).
6. 10/5 Board Composition Analysis
The Gov’t Affairs committee has discussed a simple intuitive board composition idea (attached) that envisions ten (10) seats for registered voters within the boundaries of Studio City and five (5) seats open to a wide variety of other stakeholders and one (1) non-voting youth member.
What do Studio City stakeholders think?
Possible Motion: Send proposal the City Clerk for feedback and the SCNC Bylaws Committee for consideration.
7. Friday Night Forum on Campaign Finance and City Elections — Councilmember Paul Koretz, Mike Bonin and David Ryu have been invited and are making plans to attend an Open Forum at the library one evening during the week ending January 12, 2019. GAC requests board funding up to $400. Budget: $216 Library Security + $184 Copies/Refreshments = $400
Possible Motion: GAC recommends supporting and promoting this Open Forum.
8. LADWP Bucket Brigade
GAC to reach out to parent organizations and others from Carpenter Avenue Elementary School, Colfax Elementary School and Walter Reed Middle School to promote water conservancy through an innovative STEM program, including buckets. Contact if you are interested.
Possible Motion: Studio City joins LADWP and LAUSD and possibly other schools as well in this innovative program to promote water conservancy education for as many students as possible.
9. Mobile Pit Stop
The Gov’t Affairs Committee requests that the Board consider the placement of a Public Toilet with an attendant at the Universal Red Line station and that the Council District join forces in that endeavor.
The request: Video link
The program (starts at 1:48): Video link
What do Studio City Stakeholders think?
Possible Motion: GAC recommends that the Board pass a motion to formally request a Mobile Pit Stop.
10. Hate Crime
Members of the board and public have expressed concerns about some recent reports.
What do Studio City stakeholders think about:
a) Support for tolerance training at our local public schools.
b) Tolerance speaker at a Board meeting.
c) An Open Forum on tolerance.
d) Resources on Tolerance such as
Possible Motion:
11. Street Vending Ordinance
After years of debate, L.A. legalizes sidewalk vending:
What do Studio City stakeholders think? Street Vending Ordinance
12. A plan to incarcerate women was dissussed at a Regular Meeting of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission 09-27-18. Link to meeting audio:
What do Studio City stakeholders think?
13. Comments from members. (5 min). 14. Adjournment (1 min).


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