SCNC Special Budget Committee 02 07 19

1 year ago

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Link to Meeting Agenda:

1. CalltoOrder&RollCall(1min).
2. ApprovalofMinutesifavailable(4min).
3. UpdatebytheChair(4min).
4. PublicCommentsonnon-agendaitemswithintheBoard’sjurisdiction(2min
per stakeholder, total of 15 min).
5. Report by Eric Preven, Budget Chair
Possible Motion to recommend that the board shift funding earmarked for “Totally Awesome” events to available status. Motion:
6. Neighborhood Purpose Grant Request – NoHo Home Alliance
The NoHo Home Alliance requests $2,500 dollars to expand Monday service to their current Wednesday drop in service from 8:30am to 12:30pm at which they provide 2 hot meals, bag lunches, showers as well as medical care and more, and connect guests to housing placements. The funds will cover tangible program costs: food and clothing (new/socks/underwear). NPG attached. Motion:
7. Credit Card Authorization Review and Recommendation
The Committee recommends adding a user for the Credit Card in anticipation of Forums at the Studio City Branch Library, that require timely refreshment acquisition and deployment.
8. Possible report from Treasurer on Budget outlook! 9. Closing comments by the Chair (3 min)
10. Adjournment (1 min).


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The Struggle Continues

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