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1 year ago

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Link to Meeting Agenda:

1. 2. 3. 4.
CalltoOrder&RollCall(1min). ApprovalofMinutesifavailable(4min).
Update by the Chair (4 min).
Public Comments on non-agenda items within the Board’s jurisdiction (2 min per stakeholder, total of 15 min).
Budget Requests from Homelessness Committee (2 min per stakeholder, 20 minutes total)
A) TITLE: Outreach Day Event DATE: October 27, 2018 • 10a-1p $100 FB marketing
$100 flyers to market event
$100 water and bagels for volunteers TOTAL: $300
B) TITLE: Thanksgiving Bag Drive for Those In Need DATE: Saturday, November 11 • 10a-1p
LOCATION: St. Matthews Lutheran Church North Hollywood Budget for 11/10 event.
$100 FB marketing
$100 flyers to market event
$100 water and bagels for volunteers TOTAL: $300
6. Treasurer’s Report by Richard Welsh (1 min per stakeholder and member, 20 min total).
The Budget can be found on page six, here:
STATUS UPDATE: (1 min per stakeholder and member, 5 min total) (1 min per stakeholder and member, 15 min total)
a) $1,000.00 Friends of Reed Inc. 501c3 for Walter Reed Middle School request for contribution for after school math enrichment program (Karen Shoemaker)
b) $300.00 East Valley Emergency Preparedness Summit (Patty Kirby)
d) 3rd request for reimbursement, on board approved $475.72 in Receipts for North Hollywood Officer Appreciation BBQ May 26, 2018. (Craig Radow)
e) 3rd request for Tree People request $350.00 previously submitted (Heidi Mackay)
7. Comments from members on subject matter within the Committee’s jurisdiction (2 min per member, 10 Min Total).
8. Closing comments by the Chair (3 min) 9. Adjournment (1 min).


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The Struggle Continues

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