22 thoughts on “SCOAN 05/01/20 TB JOSHUA'S PROPHECIES ABOUT 2020”

  1. GLORIOUS GOD, BEAUTIFUL KING, EXCELLENT GOD…I BOW BEFORE YOUR THRONE…EMMANUEL EMMANUEL EMMANUEL, Thank you LORD JESUS FOR LOVING US AND BRING US A MENTOR SENIOUR PROPHERT TB JOSHUA, through prayers for viewers, we get delivered, healed, comforted, strengthened and chains and bondages and everything satan use to connect us get broken through prayers for viewers.

  2. Man of God pray for my kids Treva, Miles,Heather and Hines,Treva did s.4 final exams and Heather p.7 final exams, 2 kids did final exams, LORD JESUS LOCATE MY KIDS IN YOUR MERCY AND LET THEM PASS IN FIRST GRADES AND GET SCHOLAR SHIPS IN GOOD SCHOOLS…EMMANUEL EMMANUEL EMMANUEL

  3. Emmanuel,Brethren.Thank you Jesus,with the help of the holyspirit we always believe God will give our mentor prophet T.B.Joshua strength to pray for us and Nations at large,we dont want war,l do feel comfortable when l pray while l am in prayer mountain l pray God will open the way for me to come again,l am already start helping the need.l know God will help me to come.Thank you.

  4. Oh.God let TbJoshua.prophecy. in my life in this2020..i gife my life to you Jesus. I surrender now.i need you Jesus.i still press on untill you touch me.i know your number that is why i call you every day. When you are going to answer me Jesus.i.need you in my life.

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