SDF Federalist and Abakwa Boys Leader, Paddy Asanga Gets Schooled by the Independentist Leader!

11 months ago

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We are Against the ADF (Ambazonian Defense Force) and Denounce All their Atrocities committed against the Army an People of Cameroon.

We Denounce the Atrocities committed by the Cameroonian Army against the Anglophone People of Cameroon.

We Call For An Inclusive Dialogue Between the Francophone Cameroonians and Anglophone Cameroonians & Call For Peace & Stability in the Country.


The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “SDF Federalist and Abakwa Boys Leader, Paddy Asanga Gets Schooled by the Independentist Leader!”

  1. One and half year ago the word "Federation" was a taboo. Those who called themselves federalists want to exploit the military gains in the field. According to them we have sacrificed all the blood so far for federation. The SDF is Fru Ndi's business, as usual he want to hijack the struggle as he took over Abel Mukong's conception of the SDF. If Paul Biya can even accept that we should discuss federation is because he has reason that he cannot win the war he declared. People like Paddy Asanga are playing the same game his master Fru Ndi is good at. The SDF is the personal property of Fru Ndi. All the founding fathers have been dispose. Let the federalist take note. Ambazonia is rising to fall no more!

  2. This war is 75 million eveyday of cost for LRC. Paul Biya want a way out. The best place the recruit so called "Federalist" is the SDF. Declaring war means BLOOD and STEEL shall only be the determinant. Ambazonia is rising to fall no more!

  3. This asanga fool think he is intelligent, he keep on running away from the argument, jumping jumping jumping, all LRC always fear to engage on a logical argument because they know they will never win

  4. Please don't mention that name quickfon in such stupid argument of yours. If you 're still thinking of federal system to be part of French run Gov't of La Republique then I should call you a big full, just as the francophones describe us as anglofull is because of you.

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