Sebastian Gorka: IG report is 560-page cover-up

2 years ago

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DOJ IG report released detailing conduct of FBI agents during the Clinton email investigation; Sebastian Gorka and Jason Chaffetz react on ‘Hannity.’

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The Struggle Continues

33 thoughts on “Sebastian Gorka: IG report is 560-page cover-up”

  1. Horowitz has received Bookoo dollars and was promised a higher position in government by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign along with the seal of approval from Obama he has enriched his bank account, he has been in the pocket of the clintons and the Obamas for the past two decades, check it out I did

  2. Is anyone ever going to prison? Why would anyone vote or support Dems? Their lying is so obvious.’ It is so scary that so many voters believe Dems! I see no future for the USA and that is very depressing! I wish I was wrong!

  3. Some one should give them some tools like a real hammer so they can do some real work, they’ve never done any hard labour and now they pull out a fake sledgehammer!!.

  4. Shortly after taking a position in the Trump administration in early 2017, Gorka drew criticism from multiple commentators in academia and politics, who characterized him as a fringe figure in academic and policy-making circles.[6][7][17][52][53][54][55] Business Insider politics editor Pamela Engel has described Gorka as being "widely disdained within his own field."[7][56]

    A number of academics and policymakers questioned Gorka's knowledge of foreign policy issues, his academic credentials and his professional behavior.[6][7][52][54][57][55][58] Andrew Reynolds, professor of political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, questioned the validity of Gorka's doctoral degree, noting discrepancies between how doctorates are normally awarded and how Gorka's was awarded. Reynolds said that the evaluation of each referee on Gorka's PhD committee was "a page of generalized comments – completely at odds with the detailed substantive and methodological evaluations that I've seen at every Ph.D defence I've been on over the last twenty years." According to Reynolds, at least two of the three referees had only Bachelor of Arts degrees, and one of the referees had published with Gorka previously, in violation of the academic expectation that reviewers have no personal or other form of interest in the success of a candidate's thesis.[59] [note 1] Georgetown University associate professor Daniel Nexon reviewed Gorka's PhD thesis, describing it as "inept" and saying "It does not deploy evidence that would satisfy the most basic methodological requirements for a PhD in the US".[54]

  5. The Communist cult at fox is doing everything they can to hand this country to Putin and the orange puppet he put in the oval office. If they succeed you Toadies had better learn to speak Russian in a hurry. You don't want to blister your dainty little hands shoveling all the crap they'll dump on you

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