1. Are you not tired of fighting sir. You kept encouraging people back home to fight while we want peace. Don't you know our people are dying everyday here back home? Fighting is not the solution of our present situation. You are there in America and you don't know what we are going through here at home. All of you can come back home and fight if you want fight to continue.

  2. Yes Sir, if the UN thinks she loves Ambazonians, as you rightly said Sir then let her ask the Octogenarian Paul Biya to withdraw his killers from Ambazonia. In fact what is actually wrong with the UN, the people she want to go give them food are one time people that cultivated their on farm, and enjoy the freedom of living given to every mankind by the Creator until the Blood Sucker Paul Biya unleashed his barbaric act on them, and thereby depriving them from their right of existence. Let the UN better do the needful and stop playing around.

  3. It has never been so clear like this time around with the taking off of the GCE Board by the French regime. Paul Biya was just waiting for his put in place self apointed Constitutional Council to name him winner of another 7 years to the already 36 years in power. He immediately abolished this GCE Board that took away lifes before it was accepted to be put in place. Today Paul Biya has turn it to a cooperation with his presidential apoinment Director.

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