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She said: please, I love you…Forgive me, because I am not a Politician. To Cameroon and Bamenda in…

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She said: please, I love you…Forgive me, because I am not a Politician. To Cameroon and Bamenda in particular.For more videos ↘ https://www.facebook.com/RibsCrackerKillers/

Courtesy of… Black Oyibo || 2017-01-25 15:33:36

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  1. Sister am sorry to say this but the truth is u are very stupid. May God forgive you idiot

  2. Ambas Bay says:

    U be some big idiot

  3. Jerry Lion says:

    Wunna comot wouside with dis grand mum today again? We be don finish with the fool

  4. Elad Dinho says:

    Fuck you sister. You are not from southern cameroon that is why

  5. Who even make you sister sep???

  6. Elad Dinho says:

    You are not a reverent sister you have been paid to say so fuck and all your family fuck again

  7. My dear, we tried all that for 55 years but no one listened. They all said they did not know what the problem was. Just like you said. Do you have time and goodfaith to listen. I pray you never find yourself in our shoes. We want to educate our children well not to just go to school. You see we also want to use what we learn in school including holding leaders to account and having healthy debates. If u have time I will start from the beginning that is if you can listen with an open mind. I will keep it very simple since it may be hard for you to understand.

  8. Elad Dinho says:

    Look at your face you are not a sister.

  9. Rotting teeth sister with her stupid and folish English. Am sure she has not been paid her salary that’s why she is crying for schools to resume. If you no likam go make your own cameroon rubbish.

  10. Stop receiving people, how can you claim of being a sister while having a kid?

  11. Hee Hee Hey Helelele Ooh . I see that you are the one who is now making noise. Tell your president to go to Bamenda. Problems are solved where they started. This problem you can not go to yaounde to solve. Yaounde most go to the site to solve it. If you as Rev, Sister have problem with your church in Yaounde do you go to Vatican to solve it? So who is talking Rubbish now. Explain. I just feel SAD for your approach saying you are not a politician. If is politician´s Problem, then send it to them.

  12. Best Man says:

    God forgive me for saying dis u r a big full n it like u well remain a full for every.

  13. Speak in English sister.

  14. Cheo Che says:

    Sister may God forgive you, and grant you eternal condemnation. Amen

  15. Wemba Wemba says:

    keep this our ex …. aside. when we achieve our goals we shall fetch her and shall use this video against her lol…

  16. I don’t blame her. She don’t have any child

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