Shea Sica l FREEDOM for Ambazonia

3 months ago

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EXPLICIT. Ambazonia has been struggling and Fighting for it’s Freedom for many years. Protests began years ago for Independence from Cameroon and the regime of Paul Biya. The Honorable Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe became the first Ambazonian Separatist Leader of the unrecognized Federal Republic of Ambazonia when they declared their Independence in 2017. Much war ensued and continues between the militia and Cameroon forces. Horrific Bloodshed/Atrocities. Tabe was “arrested” and Samuel Ikome Sako became the interim president. In March of 2019 The Ambazonia Freedom Protocol was drawn up. It includes Equality Rights of the Tribes, for Women, for the sharing of wealth of the land, to stand in solidarity with others suffering the same plight and to continue to Fight for their FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE. // Vid by me. Pictures & Music Public Domain. (Frost)


The Struggle Continues

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