22 thoughts on “Sisiku Ayuk and Co’s case has been adjourned to January 10th 2019 + Fai yengo made president of D.C”

  1. My bro lucas mosoke with the type of gov't we have where are all these youths going that is ENS maroua that is out only northerners names are found on the list no one anglophone and some people are out there still talking rubbish when most of us graduates have no job in our country let biya allow us to go final

  2. Pa Fai Yenwo should collect his own share of the distributed moneys as agreed with the cultis grands master Paul Biya quitely. Where has he been since the war was declared?. I expected him to first request the negotiation parties and an international third party mediator put in place before taking the job. He should also bare in mind that Southern Cameroon conflict is not to be mixst up with boko haram terrorist group fighting.

  3. What is wrong with all ministers in Cameroon? When appointed the first thing is thanking the president and throw a party. Terrible. With all the advice to start with dialogue they still stick to their strategy of putting the cart b4 the horse. Why not listen to those experiencing the conflict?? Treating cancer with paracetamol is what is going on in Cameroon. The same instructors he’s been giving for the CAN prep speaks volumes. These diplomats come and play politics while people are dying.

  4. Mimi, it's really depressing how much of a puppet of the regime you are. Just because sadly, you could have had so much more of a support base from people that seek and support the truth. This facade of having you having been held captive for a few days — to garner public support for you as a radical — really hurts people who see what is going on. Trust me, I don't mean to hurt you personally, but even if you're not aware of it, you are being used. You're so young, so I can't hold it too personally against you. Really, what do you know? No question of the seamless link between Boko Haram and Southern Cameroonians fighting with hunting rifles to defend their lives? Really? No questions? No questioning of a "government" that asks the very same civilians defending themselves against an armed war declared against them to disarm, without asking the government to disarm???? Really? No question? And you call yourself a "journalist"? It's really disappointing, not just disgusting watching you pose as some kind of "radical journalist". I'm sorry, you don't seem to have the brain power to ask the necessary questions. Sorry, and depressed.

  5. What are the lawyers of president Ayuk S waiting for? This case should have been tabled in the Human Rights international court long ago. Nothing good have and would ever come out of such a lawless, curupt and dictatoria regime of 86 year old brutal dictator Biya.

  6. this Cameroon leaders are terrible,is it that they don't see how other country prepare and keep everywhere well set or how good a country looks wen it hoistingsomething this great?And the useless governor is saying everything is ready what the hell is ready mr governor?what the hell.Thank God that the Afcon is cancelled.

  7. Equinox journalists should stop running after these theives called government officials in the name of conducting interviews.Are you guys running after them to beg for money or what? They have been lying to the people and yet you guys keep taking your cameras and microphones to them to continue telling lies.You guys should better stop this nonsense and do the right thing by ignoring these thieves instead take your interviews to the public and the truth will come out from them.When you guys interviewed the residents in the northern zone of Ambazonia about disarmament commission they said the truth and when you guys called the head of the so called commission what did he say? He was busy thanking the head of state what nonsense.You guys should do your job and stop running after government officials for money in the name of granting interviews.Especially your reporter from the southern zone of Ambazonia he has that habit of running after governor of that locality,SDOs,DOs,top military officials and most importantly that idiot called mayor ekema Patrick. We no what is happening so do the right thing and stop being bribed to interview them.Thank you.

  8. Fai Francis , again hahahhahahhahhaha asai nor fai was in the wanted list right?
    He stole money when he was SDO in wum

    when He was governor of littorial he mafia mafia oooh

  9. Mr Fai Yengo Francis you should be a big capital fool to accept to be a member of the DC for the struggle of the Ambazionians. Did you de clear war to the southern Cameron? please my brother don't step your foot in southern Cameron. Stay blessed with the L.R.P. thank you.

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