12 thoughts on “Sisiku AyukTabe message to Maurice Kamto”

  1. Maurice Kamto is not a person we anglophone ambazonians (British Southern Cameroons) should trust. Kamto is not for us. Forget about him.

    He kamto has sold out the struggle to unseat Biya. He has recognized Biya as a president. Useless bami leader.

    Ayuke spoke wisely. Bamis are easily corruptable. That's why they have always been traitors, manipulators and double dealers in all anglophone struggle for independence since the times of Ahidjo. What a shame to them. That's why they are never loved. They no values. According to them, they think that money can buy everything including our history and identity as ambazonians. Let me tell kamto and all bamis that money cannot buy our identity as British Southern Cameroons Ambazonians.

    Congratulations to Eugene Efuka. Keep the good struggle going. We are with you. Ambazonians never trust kamto. France and BAS want to make kamto look like the savior of anglophones but he is not and would never be.

    I am waiting for Kamto to come abroad and i will tell him this to his face. I think it is high time we address these bamis directly. Thank you.

  2. What is the way forward, if the ig didn't go there Paul biya would have come and say we are running from negotiations. Now he called for his cpdm dialogue to release kamto as France has instructed him. Though we are against the people who attended but to my own opinion I believe that was a way that GOD wants to used to give our denial independence. For sesiko I don't think anyone has refused him from being our leader, some people being human are still afraid of compromise, as most people from prison has done. As atangaji, issa chiroma, but the faith of ambazonias is in our hands, again Comrade Ayaba Chu never wanted to hear about IG but today he is neglecting comrade Sako confusing ,seseko in prison, that keeps people worried. Ambozonias problem is our problem to free ourselves not only for the leaders.
    The Swiss talk doesn't mean that if they say anything contrary to what we want we shall accept. When there is a problem the must be a start point to solution. No turning back after all the lives lost and property and suffering.we the mothers that our children are in the bushes fighting for this struggle, we put our hands cross , listening to you who your children are abroad, we are in tears and some of you in the diplomacy arrangements are not given any head way. Everyone is contributing children not going to school your children are going to school. Every day a new story, we the southern zone we are too worried about the northern zone for the taste of control which led us to where we are today. We don't want any apology again as the one pa Muna submitted in mount Mary buea, in all Anglophone meeting, GOD is going to judge all betrayal up to their ten generation. The fako chiefs are rising up against unity of anglophone bc of the pains they had when the fons of northern zone made Paul biya fon of fons. History is history. Today where are we. So is a warning to the northern zone, what ever you do be patient and allow others opinion. It must not only come from you, some of the southern zone are thinking of Sudan. You cause people to fear you. Beware we want independence with share power. Ayaba chu shd understand that is not in killing that you make a name. Kill the enemy not your own people, Am in ground zero we know what he has done. So we shall come under one umbrella or you go down and carry a gun and become a general. You can't stay in comfort zone and use social media to become a general during war. Paul biya appoint general s bc cameroon has never fought war. This time is action

  3. Thanks Capo Daniel!
    Thanks be to the Almighty God!! that some of those traitors are coming back to their senses. Akwanga and Boh Herbert have proven to be SELFISH, EGOTISTICAL AND NARCISSISTIC POWER-MONGERS that are ready to sell out our freedom for the chance to become NEW NEO-COLONIAL PUPPETS. Notice how they DO NOT CHALLENGE AT ALL anything their Swiss wannabe colonial masters tell them? They are fighting to show the Swiss that they are the MEILLEURS ELEVES among Ambazonians!!! They have EXPOSED THEMSELVES for Ambazonians who have eyes to see, and those who have ears to hear !!! Ambazonians, please BOYCOTT THOSE IDIOTS, their rallies, etc. LET THEM KNOW, that they cannot drag you off the path to victory and to the slaughter !!! Let's see HOW they deliver us to REGIONALISM in LRC !!!

  4. Has anyone seen a video where Akwanga's group, SoCaDeF or Boh Herbert's group (if something like that exists) CELEBRATED OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY ON GROUND ZERO??? Please paste the link here so I can see it for myself.

  5. Thank you Capo . The truth will always prevail no matter the conspiracies from Sako et al.
    They are all afraid if Sisiku et al. should be free. He is used to his bills being paid by other people’s sweat.

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