19 thoughts on “SISIKU REJECTS SAKO – water Don dirty”

  1. Fools. Y'all will be killed cause of stupidity, greed, and foolishness . I pray Biya should slaughter as much as he can, so the so call leaders will be president of ambazonia dreamers. What does it cause u to unite, what really is the price of unity? But y'all see the price of division and still fight for it. Foolish generations, die in exile, die in the bushes, die in the refugee camps, be shot an killed in your houses, and when all these has happened the land will remain bare and barren until a holy and faithful generation arises, only then shall freedom be granted. But for this dreamers in the name of groups and President, keep dreaming till u die

  2. You are a fool. Bamenda people are wicked. Is that why you people have to killed. That your power will fail you. You can't do any thing with man of God. Stay far. Stop showing your dirty face in public.

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