Some Amba Boys Made a video message – My commentary

6 months ago

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– So These band of IDIOTS, Amba boys dem don send message for President Paul Biya..
– Ambazonia.. Seriously. These are your leaders? Wuna di call yi General. This fool?.
– Where are the weapons? These fools are still carrying old dane guns.. You said you were harvesting weapons.. WHERE dem dey?? iDiots.
– And you still recruiting child soldiers.. Ambazonia Whyyyyy?
– And what is the sources of income for these Amba boys? Extortion, Kidnapping for ransom, and armed robbery.
– But the most disappointing thing na say these boys plenty massa, why military di waste time?
– if you recognise anyone of them, report them. My WhatsApp number.. 6 7418 9836, website, we will make Amba boys famous.
There ARE consequences for this level of STUPIDITY.. iDiots!


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The Struggle Continues

18 thoughts on “Some Amba Boys Made a video message – My commentary”

  1. You are after poor amba boys again not biya. The problem is not 200 village's burnt. That is not your problem. Just the amba boys trying to defend their territory from ewondo beti lunatics.

  2. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, thank you once again for your efforts in exposing the dark side of this amba nonsense. Note that ambazonia has deliberately closed many schools and many businesses so that they can have many idle people to convert. Also as long as the war is not exported to the francophone side, the rest of Cameroon does not care that much because it is mainly anglophones killing anglophones. If anglophones want to stop it, they can rise against it in unison, if not, west Cameroon will weep for a long time.

  3. May God have mercy on our people. Cuz this is a level of brainwashing never seen in the world. The world is laughing at us seeing how primitive we still are. Where in the world has a revolution been led by illetrates. A peaceful revolution that has been hijacked by rascals like these. The day of judgement is not far.

  4. These criminals bandits so called fighters are the most stupid and dullest people in the world.the so called diaspora is lying to them that they will send sophisticated and heavy weapons that’s a lie.even if those so called weapons are sent,which country are the going to transit in to enter into Cameroon?all countries surrending Cameroon are friendly countries.

  5. Great job my kontri pipo they are so so dum an stupid so much so that they can't even see the reality near them ppl are using thire life to get thire money but they can't see it set of magots say Amba boys now stealing an kidnapping I the order of the day bcus they don't have anything to eat how I wish the military can jus clean up this nonsense once an for all now

  6. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, in this video there is a total sense of frustration in your voice. Ashia sir, but note that this is also punishment for all anglophone Cameroon which is here to stay for many years because very many anglophones fell into this selfish idea of separation. The problem in Cameroon is Paul Biya and a few people, less than one thousand, who benefit from his bribery divide and rule governance. Anglophones needed to have joined together with the francophones to get rid of Paul Biya first. Without this stupid selfish separation agenda, I think Paul Biya would have already been deposed through the combined forces of anglophones, the Bamilekes (the kamtos) and other regions like the north, far north, littoral and so on and even the many in paul Biya's area who have not benefited anything from his rule. His area is infrastructurally more backwards than the SW and NW for example. Even if a president rigs and election, if the whole country rises against him, he is gone. It has already happened in many African countries. I am afraid, this crises has not only destroyed anglophone Cameroon, it has had the effect of keeping paul Biya in power as the country is severely divided now. There is no effective opposition against him. Ambazonia is not an opposition against paul Biya because I do not see what they have done to him yet. They are merely punishing other Cameroonians, especially anglophones. So long as paul biya has access to his salary and some money that he can steal, this is not a problem to him. He is 85 years old. Statistically, most people even in affluent western economies will not live to 85 years. This whole ambazonia thing is just another sadness to the world like Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, Libya, and so on. May the mercy of God help us all especially anglophone Cameroon at this moment.

  7. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, one of those guys towards the end of this video is general biabia. (He has a beard hence general biabia) He is wearing a body armour with a pistol and an assault rifle and wearing a red cap (gendarm style cap). He is one of those in the Batibo incident. He was abducted by ADF forces while general Tiger and many others were killed. What a waste of life.

  8. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, this particular video has awaken me to a strange reality. We Africans are very seriously backwards in many ways. Africans have taken superstition to another level. See kind by kind things which pipo them don tie for their skin called jazz, mugan or odeshi or what have you. If these strange things did not protect our ancestors against the rudimentary technology of Europeans many centuries ago, how are they going to protect these guys against modern technology. Seriously, can they survive a spray of bullets from a Kalashnikov assault rifle? Human words cannot adequately describe the level of insanity in some of our people. May God have mercy on us.

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