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Some of you are using LRC ID card to identify yourselves all over the country. Others using LRC pass…

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Some of you are using LRC ID card to identify yourselves all over the country. Others using LRC passport to identity yourselves abroad. Meaning you all Cameroonians. Yet you come on Facebook barking Ambazonia. Is it true this Ambazonia of a nation is indeed a fb Republic? If not, why are you guys not using your ID cards and passports in real life?
People of little faith…
Ambazonia the shadow nation… nonsense

Courtesy of… Sen M F Charlie || 2018-01-12 06:03:26

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  1. y are you hiding an talking idiots

  2. R u a full or u r trying to be one

  3. Gina Davis says:

    Wear blank man why u get people their time wn they no get ur own u no di shame in this life is the end that matters not the beginning

  4. Godwill Awe says:

    That’s what we are saying, that we don’t want them anymore, we were enslaved with them,not anymore.

  5. Mesiah Pro says:

    Fb rp?if not, why.hahahaha you need circumcision

  6. Don’t you know Cameroon is a village in Africa rule by king BIYA we want create a country for us

  7. Song Charger says:

    U just nailed the truth.. see how they are barking now like ngong dogs cuss true true di pinch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Jude Ebai says:

    Because La Republic Is still stealing Amba Resources.

  9. Those colonial IDs are imposed by force..If you do not show the colonialists you shall be arrested and beaten

  10. You don’t want people to go but you want them to have their own ID’s and passport. Confusion nova finish for wonna heads

  11. Call it the name you want but bear in your shallow mind that it will come to pass.ok?

  12. Ngwe Weddy says:

    FB republic but giving you lrc heart attack and diebities makx you loose ur military don’t worry time shall tell

  13. Cameroonian by colonisation

  14. Did u give us an Amba ID or passport and we refused to take?

  15. Just wait a c hw we are going to use ours

  16. You don’t have your personal problems? Mbudong

  17. Mundi Elvis says:

    U are a big fool how can a country that is still fighting for independence start issuing such document

  18. Stop fueling this crisis please

  19. BREAKING NEWS FROM BIYA’S DISASTROUS $1000.000.00 ASSASSINATION grim tidings for those who disagree and for anyone suspected of disagreeing with Biya. These fiercely held ideologies forced Biya to panic and make irrational policy choices that questioned Biya’s mental judgment in decision making at 85 years. Biya’s poor mental state has led to his failed plot to kill Ambazonia president H.E. Ayuk Tabe Julius and his cabinet members in one of the most bizarre and shameful operation that was a total debacle. Ideology is great stuff because it topples evil men who are tyrants like Biya and fires up the Ambazonia citizens to achieve momentous things. This pitiful incident fatally stained and embarrassed Nigeria image in front of the entire world and probably guaranteed full Ambazonia statehood. This catastrophic failed mission coming less than two days from another bloody Wednesday in Biya’s war that claimed the lives of 8 poor and inexperienced francophone soldiers that were purposely sent to sacrifice their lives in order for these elderly grand parents to stay in power. After his failed 75 billion laptops deal with Chinese company, the same Biya is caught right handed with another Rene Sadi 419 deal of $1,000,000.00 ( One million dollar) scheme to Nigeria authorities in a massive pay to play fraudulent scandal that resulted in the abduction of Ambazonia leaders. It seemed to confirm a widely held view that Cameroon was, in tyrant Biya’s famous phrase, a “pitiful giant” burdened with an incompetent cabinet ministers and government that is made up of looters and fraudsters aided by France. In fact, it would be fairer to say that Biya’s assassination mission suffered from overly ambitious planning with Philomen Yang, the wrong hardware, and the absence of a “red team” to point out flaws and vulnerabilities during the planning process that let to their worst international disgrace. Confused Biya instead empowered Ambazonia quest for independent recognition more faster than before as many countries and world leaders are distancing themselves from dictator Biya. The lessons learned from Biya’s failed mission illustrated serious deficiencies in the capability of the Cameroon government to address anglophone crisis. Total separation is the only solution that will bring lasting peace between the two Cameroons.

  20. David Flush says:

    I thought this idiot went to school. Why did the arrest the leaders of a facebook nation instead of blocking their Facebook accounts? Your a big fool indeed

  21. Big man correct your 2nd sentence. Na wa hoo

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