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Some people don’t have sea but they want seaport. Some people don’t have minerals (oil) but they wan…

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Some people don’t have sea but they want seaport.
Some people don’t have minerals (oil) but they want sonara.
Some people don’t have good soil and no mountain but they want plantations.
They contribute nothing to the economy apart from mungyine and grasshoppers yet want more than half of spending a to be poured on them……..
Wuna di crase some kind. Be contented with eucalyptus and mungyine which God has blessed you with. Cameroon is one and indivisible.

Courtesy of… Mbah Eugene || 2018-01-13 06:06:05

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  1. Bande Chop says:

    please,change that name of MBAH you are using.

  2. Just a teenager trying to be popular on Facebook, Bande Chop forgive him

  3. It’s seems you don’t even have time to eat apart from trying to destract busy women like us. Empty vessel!!!

  4. Ketu Rodest says:

    A popular idiot detected again

  5. When Trump refers to Africans as shithole you are His target monkey

  6. We dont have all that but yet you guys keep cleaving to our mineral resources like a litch. Pls go get ur resourcesand leave ours alone. I think you need psychiatric help

  7. More than half of what???

  8. Jerus Banji says:

    Some foreigners don’t have all of these but they come to loot ,to enslave, to intimidate, to kill. This is known as arm robbery.

  9. And another shithole foreign country wants to colonise those resources, and using shithole foreign citizens to bare AMBAZONIA names

  10. Let me tell you something you shithole child of a brainwashed generation and son to a homo.Who told you that in this world there is a barren land.Only Politics makes a land barren.Remember what politics said about Equatorial Guinea 25 years ago.but look at Guinea now.all the fuckin stuff you are naming was created in the southwest because of what we call nearness to the source of raw materials and due to a human factor that the sawas are very foolish.a lazy man can easily be convince with money.all the plantations and resources are just a 1 hour drive to the Douala see port.the underground surface of North West is full of minerals that can not be mention.already visibility studies have been carried out. And the government knows some of this minerals and can not exploit them because people in the northwest told the government that all exploitation taxes will be paid in the northwest and not in Yaounde as is the case with CDC and Sonara.CDC and sonara pays their taxes in Yaounde and all the shitholes sawa are working as boyboy and labourers in sonara and CDC with a salary that can not even buy a pen to their children.look at the shithole houses build by CDC to the workers.hahahahaha that type of house is for dogs like sawa people as the French man call us. When I hear all this your 33 export thinking I just know a coconut is better than you because atleast one can drink the water inside the coconut but someone like you, you have no use because the water in your head is stinking. Shame to you.Do you know that your so call Sonara the government knows that it is not in Cameroon.that is why when we buy fuel there we pay customs duty to the government because we are importing from a foreign country may be you do not even know this. Shame on you.Chadians buy fuel from Sonara and fuel prices in Chad is cheaper than the one in Cameroon.think before you speak you son of a slave of a greedy and homo father.so if the ask you, you will open your rotten mouth and say that sonara refined oil.the crued oil is refined in France and then tanker ships deliver them to sonara for distillation. Do you know how many minerals are underground in the northwest still to exploit.the future is brighter in the northwest for their children and grand children than us in the south west because our foolish and greedy sawa elites have sold everything for the next 100 years. Sawa people will continue to work as slaves in plantations and boyboy in sonara whether you like it or not.the whole of southwest is still very inaccessible and lack of development and you are hear talking nonesense.or you are happy about the cheap development in the small and one street town of Buea and Limbe.shit. you know Buea is a volcanic town and can never be develop.Limbe will only be a very small town.so with a million francs we can keep every where clean and continue to deceive you guys that we are developing the so cal south west.your children will be slave and will even need to be slave more than you are today

  11. hihihihi wisdom go kill this boy

  12. Feh Fritz says:

    When person talk true na problems?

  13. Suh Ronald says:

    Very correct bro u said it all

  14. Njong Rene says:

    U re the real shithole they was referring to

  15. This boy!!! Did i ask you not to smoke cheap weed?

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