Some say they kw the location and where abt of sisiku and Co. And so what? Don’t u kw the location a…

9 months ago

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----------> Support the Nchang shoe boys via above link as we want to exert serious incursion on the ground. Ambazonians pls forward to all friends and family on your whatsapp. Let us rise like one people one power and kick out the occupier LRC from our land. Aluta Continua # freesouhterncameroon #freeayuktabe #freepatassang --------
Some say they kw the location and where abt of sisiku and Co. And so what? Don’t u kw the location and where abt of mancho?😂😆😉. Knowning location and where abt of captured terrorist leaders is not release yaaaaa…. Wehhhhhh😂😆😆😉😂😂😆😆

Courtesy of… Mbah Eugene || 2018-01-12 06:56:35

The Struggle Continues

13 thoughts on “Some say they kw the location and where abt of sisiku and Co. And so what? Don’t u kw the location a…”

  1. BREAKING NEWS FROM BIYA’S DISASTROUS $1000.000.00 ASSASSINATION grim tidings for those who disagree and for anyone suspected of disagreeing with Biya. These fiercely held ideologies forced Biya to panic and make irrational policy choices that questioned Biya’s mental judgment in decision making at 85 years. Biya’s poor mental state has led to his failed plot to kill Ambazonia president H.E. Ayuk Tabe Julius and his cabinet members in one of the most bizarre and shameful operation that was a total debacle. Ideology is great stuff because it topples evil men who are tyrants like Biya and fires up the Ambazonia citizens to achieve momentous things. This pitiful incident fatally stained and embarrassed Nigeria image in front of the entire world and probably guaranteed full Ambazonia statehood. This catastrophic failed mission coming less than two days from another bloody Wednesday in Biya’s war that claimed the lives of 8 poor and inexperienced francophone soldiers that were purposely sent to sacrifice their lives in order for these elderly grand parents to stay in power. After his failed 75 billion laptops deal with Chinese company, the same Biya is caught right handed with another Rene Sadi 419 deal of $1,000,000.00 ( One million dollar) scheme to Nigeria authorities in a massive pay to play fraudulent scandal that resulted in the abduction of Ambazonia leaders. It seemed to confirm a widely held view that Cameroon was, in tyrant Biya’s famous phrase, a “pitiful giant” burdened with an incompetent cabinet ministers and government that is made up of looters and fraudsters aided by France. In fact, it would be fairer to say that Biya’s assassination mission suffered from overly ambitious planning with Philomen Yang, the wrong hardware, and the absence of a “red team” to point out flaws and vulnerabilities during the planning process that let to their worst international disgrace. Confused Biya instead empowered Ambazonia quest for independent recognition more faster than before as many countries and world leaders are distancing themselves from dictator Biya. The lessons learned from Biya’s failed mission illustrated serious deficiencies in the capability of the Cameroon government to address anglophone crisis. Total separation is the only solution that will bring lasting peace between the two Cameroons.

  2. 12days gone into 2018 Mark Zuckerberg make 4 billion Dallas ($) I believed stupid fellow like you who always post in relevant post contributed 1/4 to his wealth
    Better use your time n be productive with it
    Rather than posting rubbish

  3. Copy and share the news.

    Ambazonia ideology has been defeated. The BAR 2days ultimatum by the Amba representatives has expired without a word confirmation the seal fate of it Front leaders.
    Ignore any confused remnants seeking notice but called on them to seek physiatrist help.

    There are still many supporters in remote parts of the world unaware but on their death bed. I called on you not to assume any responsibilities over their death but let them die in peace. Expect a victory speech soon.

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