Song of Praise to Lebang Ancestors

1 year ago

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The 22nd edition of Big Day Maria was celebrated in Douala-Bonaberi by Lebang Youths with the support of their parents. On this occasion the Feast of Assumption is celebrated every 15th August in memory of the rising of Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ into Heaven. On this also, Lebang population, wherever they are, thank God for showing the FOCOLARE Movement the road to Lebang, Lebialem where they settled and started their humanitarian activities in Central Africa with the empowerment of the population to get involve in self-help development activities. Madam Chiara, the leader of the Italian religious NGO visited Lebang twice before her transition. The FOCOLARE Movement created the first Secondary School, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College Fontem in 1963 at Leyang before it was moved to Menji. The first gvernment scondary school was created in the same area only 25 years later. Apart from the education initiative, the FOCOLARE created Mary Health of Africa Hospital in Menji, Fontem Sub Division. The original purpose of this hospital was to eradicate sleeping sickness in Lebialem and to serve as a research reference hospital to treating sleeping sickness caused by the presence of Tse Tse flies.Above all, the promotion of Catholicism as a religion was at the centre of these development inititives which turned the territory of lebialem, described as the Switzerland of Africa, because of the existence of its 1.000 hills and valleys. The name of this territory in the South west Region of Cameroon represents the Lebialem Water Fall. Lebialem Water Fall runs down into a mysterious lake, nobody attempts to swim in.
In this episode, the elite chant a traditional prayer hymn calling for the ancestors’ benediction on Lebang youths. Lebang Cultural and Development Organisation (LECUDO) and well-wishers. Cameroon Link was there and brought this to you for sharing with friends and relatives. Also watch these episodes.


The Struggle Continues

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