South African calls for white murder

6 months ago

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#BLF #AndileMngxitama #SouthAfrica

A real socialist politician.

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The Struggle Continues

24 thoughts on “South African calls for white murder”

    It can't be!
    s s s s orry, hav v v v ving g g g litch in the matrix!
    ok… back again.
    Are international arrest warrants being prepared ?
    L L L LOL.
    He ain't poor.
    Working class white people are the genuinely oppressed in SA.

  2. This is nothing new, Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, a major SA political party, has been basically calling for the murder of white for years.
    "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" –

    These people are the most racist in the world.

  3. 41 000 000 blacks against 4 500 000 whites!!!! – the maths DONT makes any sense!!!! – HOW ARE THE WHITES BEING A THREAT!!!! – Racism is a world wide political phenomonon used by politicians to gain power.

  4. im in south africa and i am extremely concerned. there is no one here to defend us – even our president defended this guy. this is all planned – these political groups are all in together just different arms of anc. we are really in trouble here.

  5. So you ar saying they have to be colonial to have 🎤 you ar a basted afrika ist what it's because the Economy oppression of the wester world but now they are awakening up to take what belong to them it's evil in the eyes of you fuckin animals in the wester

  6. Genesis 25:25
    Yes is time to kill and slaves each and every red devil's on this planet Earth so call white people's the real enemy to humanity go out there and kill as many red devil's as you can quickly to free humanity from those so call red devil's

  7. Yet the world does nothing. Very quick to put sanctions on SA over apartheid. Nothing now. No defense when our president promotes this bull. Expropriation of land and now the outright call for whites to be killed. Shame on the first world countries.

  8. He started the speech by saying "I have declared war on white people". The world is looking on and do not realize how serious this is. Imagine what would happen if a prominent black person were to be killed right now. The killing will not stop.

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