"Southern Cameroon Unforgettable Struggle Moments"(How Can This Not Bring Tears To Eyes!)Cease Fire!

3 months ago

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Amba Clearly GZero has gone through more than Enough! How much more can GZero bare!
1 A War they never asked for! NonSense!
2 Even if they did, they were not ready for it…
-if they knew a War was coming they could have left the area long before it started…No they were taken unawares! Nonsense!
2 Children/Babies/Old were not considered, not to talk of the women who were pregnant at the time, those who were sick…what are Vulnerable people suppose do during a War! but force to take what ever is coming at them…Nonsense!
Amba WakeUp StayUp and SpeakUp! it is time to talking Cease Fire!


The Struggle Continues

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