Southern Cameroonians Refugees Entertainment group (SCREnt) performing.

3 weeks ago

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(SCREnt) :Southern Cameroonians Refugees Entertainment, future (AMI) :Ambazonia Music Industry, performing with one of their strongest songs titled “SCREnt Support” on 17th of October 2020, the launching day of their Association in Nigeria, Cross River State, Ogoja Refugees Settlement.

Whatsapp us on +2348113334720 for financial support for the group to grow.

We actually need to have a group website in which we will be uploading our songs to expose them to the world.
We also need a music studio

And most importantly our linking to the Nigerians Music Label and also all in the world and many other things to do and all is about money.

Note: we are genuine and very original.

The group is compose of 24 members ( Artists, Comedians
, dancers, DJ, etc,of which I, the owner of this YouTube account is the actual president.

May God bless you for your Support for us.


The Struggle Continues

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