Southern Cameroonians, Southern Cameroonians Yesterday, our hero and leader Barrister Agbor Mballa …

2 years ago

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Southern Cameroonians, Southern Cameroonians

Yesterday, our hero and leader Barrister Agbor Mballa was arraigned for his first preliminary hearings at the Military Tribunal in Yaoundé. From all indications, the plan was that these preliminary hearings were to be done in secret to avoid media attention. But as God would have it, some of us were hinted. Not being a jurist or a lawyer, I understoood a number of things. The first thing is that Barrister Agbor Mballa was very bold and stated his points with a conviction that baffled even his defence lawyers (including Barrister Akere Muna who was present). Some of the charges amongst others brought against him are: inciting rebellion against the state, destruction of public property and terrorsim which carries the death penalty. These are very serious charges.

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After the legal gymnastics that went on, Barrister Mballa came out hail and hearty and was very upbeat as he shared jokes with his colleagues.He was very appreciative of the concern most of you have shown during these trying moments and says that he will never abandon the struggle. The charges levied against him are very serious but as we all know these charges are FALSE. Barrister Agbor Mballa has never called for violence or for Separation and the various press releases issued by the CONSORTIUM are a testimony to this fact. WE NEED TO PRAY FERVENTLY FOR THESE OUR HEROES FOUND IN THE JAILS OF LA REPUBLIQUE. I REPEAT, THE CHARGES AGAINST THEM ARE VERY GRAVE AND SERIOUS. Knowing the regime we are dealing with, we should shake heaven and earth to see to the liberation of our leaders. Already some Southern Cameroonian Lawyers based in the UK, have opted to provide their legal services and other international organisations are rallying behind our Cause.Next hearing shall be on 1st February 2017. Let us like one man stand behind these leaders. Victory is ours. God Bless Our Struggle !!!

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The Struggle Continues

25 thoughts on “Southern Cameroonians, Southern Cameroonians Yesterday, our hero and leader Barrister Agbor Mballa …”

  1. U guys are playing now with this issue,consortium leader said yesterday human right report he was to be taken for hearings and he was not finally tkn for hearings u are here reporting the contrary ,u guys should kp the confusion going u will lead us to failure,nonsense

  2. That is the truth my brother when God is with us know one can be against us God have mercy on your children and hear their prayers it shall be well with us let us continue to pray for our Leaders

  3. Put God first.Biya shall know very soon if it is God who reigns here on earth and beyond or him evil biya.These are baseless allegations not to be worried over.biya’s stooges called judges are so incompetent and label charges without any exibit A proves,in fact i dont know the kind of people advicing this stupid biya ,plus cant he use his common sense to think a bit?what kind of president is this for goodness sake?Well i remember we are in a banana republic and am so glad because any wrong and evil they doing to us only turns to our advantage,biya thinks that we are in those days whereby he could just single handedly do what he wants,but today is different ,we are in the 21century with many changes in a way that the whole world is one today just as Hon Wirba told he cant do any thing the way you want,biya is a dead goat,the more the problems he brings to us the more he is unpopular and ,the more he is gradually leaving power,useless man.God is great all the time.

  4. And it shall be when thy son asketh thee in time to come saying, what’s this? That thou shalt say unto him, by strength of hand the lord brought us out from la republic, from the house of bondage:

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