Special edition: How the legacy of European colonialism is shaping Africa's future

8 months ago

While the murder of George Floyd in the United States has revived anti-racism movements around the world, it has also stirred up the painful history of colonialism and the slave trade. In this special edition, FRANCE 24 takes a look at the tumultuous relations between Europe and the African continent through reports from South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon and the DR Congo to show how the relationship to collective memory remains complicated on both sides.

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The Struggle Continues

13 thoughts on “Special edition: How the legacy of European colonialism is shaping Africa's future”

  1. we believe everything de want we believe and we never no true de play with are live he ma are believe satan is no spirits satan de are satan way we see really but we believe slave master talk everything slave master see of what is dat we no and dat we want to by so we have problems in Africans is we don't think is dangerous

  2. Even the school's in the southern USA teach about slavery and colonialism. For some reason it doesn't really surprise me The British wouldn't talk about it. My teacher told me once after her trip to Germany. That they don't teach about Hitler and the Nazis, because they're ashamed of it.

    Why not make the kids realize they're capable of the same thing? Then teach them how to not. If not you're just waiting for it to repeat itself. No one ever thinks they can do something like that. Until they do it.

  3. So,after being "helped " by western for hundreds of years,Africa still the poorest continent, now You realized how impotent the western is or they just come and loot you

  4. If you understand the role that gold (ie real money) plays in the functioning and health of the world economy, you will understand the importance of Africa and all of the exploited worlds, you’ll understand their motivation. Today it reads as follow: take the gold and sell them debt. The whole western civilsation was built on blood gold, which somehow gets ignored in the great so-called democratic societies which talk left and fill the pockets on the right. We’ve given the West the means of control for a veeerry very long time seeing that tech and the routes to finance are controlled by them , creating a world of observation and control. Their is a great need for revisionist economic restitution while there is still some measure of humane democracy remaining after being largely being devoured by the capitalist demon the West created……

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