Sunday Service – Diaspora: Gathering the Scattered for the Passover Seder & Palm Sunday – 3/28/21

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The Church in Ocean Park’s March 28, 2021 Sunday Service featuring a message by Leah Marie Buturain Schneider and Edward L. Schneider.

0:00:01 A Web of Women – Song – Dr. Kim R. Harris
0:04:09 Welcome to Church – Reverend Janet Gollery McKeithen
0:07:24 Welcome to Palm Sunday – Reverend Joseph Hepburn
0:11:45 Poem – At Table: Perhaps the World Ends Here (Jo Harjo)
0:15:17 Song – Louise Dobbs
0:19:24 Introduction of speakers
0:21:23 Message and PowerPoint with Drs. Leah Marie Buturain Schneider and Edward L. Schneider.
0:36:25 Song – Jean Gasca
0:41:40 Community Sharing
1:07:20 Song – Dr. Kim Harris (Wade in the Water)
1:16:15 Song – Alleluia (Debbie Friedman)
1:19:10 Jean Gasca reads poems for Lauren Leslie and her family
1:22:28 Song – Louise Dobbs

Song Credits*:
0:00:01 Web of Women – (Rabbi Jack Schechtman Gabriel)
0:11:45 Poem: At Table – (Jo Harjo)
0:15:17 Hosanna (Irving Burgie, William Attaway, sung by Harry Belafonte, plus Gospel reading lyrics)
0:36:25 Yih’yu L’Ratzon/ Oseh Shalom (Bonia Shur)
1:07:20 Wide in the Water (Traditional African American)
1:16:15 Alleluia (Debbie Friedman)
1:22:28 Haida, Haida (Ningun)

– Etc. *The Church in Ocean Park does not own the rights to any music or other intellectual property represented in this video.

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The Church in Ocean Park is a caring interfaith congregation that explores a wide range of spiritual teachings and practice in order to employ boldness for good. Working for social justice, full inclusion and high emphasis on creative expression are the most significant hallmarks of our church. We intentionally create and use our diversity to dismantle unjust systems. All people of any or no faith are equally valued, safe, and loved at the Church in Ocean Park. We prize our kindness, compassion, and open-mindedness. Our services include time for community sharing. We listen and learn from each other, and open up new perspectives for each other. We seek continually to grow in love and wisdom and in the capacity to effect positive change. We enjoy music, laughter and friendship both for their own sakes and for the sake of keeping our spirits up as we work for a more humane and equitable world. we work for a more humane and equitable world.


The Struggle Continues

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