16 thoughts on “Tapang Ivo on Victoria, Buea, Lebialem, Ngie, Muyuka, Santa, Pinyin, & Bali Nyonga! Watch..”

  1. All countries in the world that have more than one official languages have decentralised or federated system. Languages shape and influences peoples' way thinking and understanding as well as interpreting information. Above all languages also influence the way of management of affairs in a country. Therefore an anglophone and a francophone are different people in mentality and way of doing things. So independence is the only best solution.

  2. Note that many Santa people are bamilekes who migrated to santa to settle on the vast empty land fertile in growing vegetables and potatoes. Trust no bamileke like Atam Millan, Milton Attah and a lot more who are in this revolution.

    Fru Ndi, Achidi Achu and Atanga Nji are people with bamileke blood. That's why they are always sitting on the Fence. Make no mistake anglophone.

    In the days of Ahidjo they were intentionally appointing anglophone-bamilekes as ministers and directors who were settlers in Ambazonia in order to ensure that the elite class in Ambazonia are anglo bamid who would help kill any secessionist spirits amongst us. I can tell you many more things about the mafia of bamilekes in the anglophone community and ambazonia. These people are not our brothers. I am not afraid of anything but say the truth.

  3. Francophones and Biya are corrupt to their core. When dealing with them you must not trust anything they say or do until you are certain beyond all doubts. We shall be free and independent.

  4. America has always supported Ambazonians since in the 80s. Thats why anglophones are granted asylum as minorities who are marginalised in their country. So when francophones open their mouth to say that America is coming in now because of oil in bakassi. What people fail to understand is that anglophones are well recognised marginalised minorities. Look it up in encyclopedias.

    Amba people, let nobody bully you; it is our legitimate rights to get independence. Biya knows that and many people in Cameroon.

  5. Francophones would wake up to a country they would not recognise. If i were a francophone cameroonian living in cameroon, i would spend more time forcing Biya and his government to tell cameroonians the truth about cameroon and the true history of southern Cameroons. This would safe cameroon.

  6. hi guys! the free our motherland southern cameroon chanel is being used by lrc to comunicate. we're getting the craps of tchiroma, crtv & more. some one get the hell of these garbages out of the chanel. peace.

  7. Ivo Tapang listen to me; a bamileke man is the greatedt traitor you are likely to find in any group. If you doubt what i say, corner bamilekes and ask them one on one and they would tell you. They are always money minded and can sell human beings for money and i mean pennies only. I had long written to Ayuke warning him about bamilekes around him. Learn from the SDF mistakes; Fru Ndi was sold by the bamis in the SDf. They were bribing people around him with LRC money, similar to what Atam Millan is doing in the IG today. Millan Atam and Milton Attah are bamilekes and they would definitely be corrupt. Bamilekes betrayed the bassars in their struggle against the French in exchange for land in the Mbang region. That's why today many bamis are settled there. They have excess population and are as a result always under extreme pressure to flee to new lands and settle, after which they form networks to betray the indigins. Today bamis are contributing money to give the the cameroon government to continue to kill anglophones.

    Mr Ivo Tapang you people should ignore Millan and continue to expose his mafia. As for Nalowa Bih, she is a single mum who definitely is desperate for money to feed her 2 kids. So i am not astonished by the news of her sleeping around with Millan. She is no figure to represent anglophones in any place or platform.

    The IG should know that if they continue to hide all these hide and seek information on Millan and the war inside the IG, then anhlophones would gradually move away from the IG. We are intelligent people and read behind the walls. Ok God blees our struggle.

  8. General Ivo have you head that all the more than 30 citizens of Anglophones Col. Bajeck Atanga Nji and Min. Issa Tchiroma brought in Menka lodge them in a hotel then came after shot and kill them claiming they were Ambazonian defence forces. Gross human right violation and war crime committed by the Biya Regime, after their Min. of foreign affairs Mbela Mbela trying to defend Cameroun violation at the UN Geneva Commission this week, yet same week they continue their atrocities on the Southern Cameroonians ( Ambazonia ).

  9. The IG should implement Lean Management if not they risk running out of funds. Instead of permanent positions, i would suggest that the IG creates Task oriented positions meaning people should be appointed to perform a specific task and paid accordingly. Holding permanent positions would be too costly in the long run. Moreover, many people would have the opportunity to serve. In addition, those who want to work on charitable basis would have the possibility to do so. That's my opinion.

  10. Ivo make your point clear but stop saying that people call themselves president or leaders, Sako did not make himself president, and he has the backing of the people. You call yourself general who made you that general? pass your message without expressing some jealousy in it,please.

  11. Ambazonian struggle is an existential threat to the francophones. So we anglophones must becareful and not naive because LRC is ready to put in as much money as possible to stop us. That's why Millan Atam will keep bribing many Ambazonians. So we must open our eyes.

  12. Mr Tapang Tanku, You’ve been gaining a lot of weight since this movement started, do you mind explaining how you’re funding your lavish lifestyle? You are still a student, don’t have a regular job, some rumors are saying that you don’t even have a green card yet, but somehow since you joined this movement, you’ve already purchased two condos in Washington DC.

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