34 thoughts on “Tapang Ivo spits fire- Ambazonia is not for sale, calls Eric Tataw baby journalist. watch and share”

  1. If the IG does not produce Godfather , Smalley and Slizzy I will never listen to them.
    Serial killers.
    All those dying on GZ are from ASC set up by the same IG.
    The IG will never sit on any negotiation table with the amount of blood they have in their hands.

  2. Soon you will come online and start saying I'm sorry and ask people to support against a law. Shut up laws in US varries from state to state. what are you scared of. You have been the most contradictory human from the day of consortium with Dr fontems car. I nor blame una' the sufferings of our people made you Rich so off course ivo of 2k19 don fat not thesame dry head.

  3. After you have dropped mark bareta's sister, u have now start castigating him. How can u go to court with all the embezzlement and blood of ur own people in ur hands. You are seen as a devil killed those boys on ground zero in the name of local by local. Stop talking because you are the devil. Why can't u devil go ahead with ur adf of darness keep up in spite of so call local by local. You keep saying u can jail someone, lol, an imbecile.

  4. I know this devils and what they can go as far as doing to prove their blood by blood in order to keep feeding fat on blood money. If they killed seven to ten of their very people just because of some guns they claim to reclaim, what about killing their own now to prove that local by local can't work. I don't like eric tataw for one thing, war advocacy in the country, bit he is more far honest than u financially. You don't remember that you are now talking to yourself.

  5. Go ahead and raise funds let's see whether or not they will contribute. No you were locked up because you were a thief not because of activism. How dare you lied again that you held Ebola patients with ur bare hands? Can we see some of the pictures of u and ur bare hands?

  6. Akwanga who kidnapped a rev father with a ransom of ten million? And ayaba who continually killed and collect Ransom. No body shall donate money to thief's. And I pity akwanga because when you and ayaba must have used him, you will finished him to death. He is just a goat. Uniting to killers will mean nothing. Why should Milan be criticised when ur ayaba came and used him to raise money in south Africa. Stop lying that the military is selling u bullets just because u want them to have a problem with the government.

  7. Tapang if you're manly enough like Eric Tataw go online and raise one dime from Ambazonia or organize a fund raiser and come out with a dime like Eric did in Chicago and had about $25000.00 . Eric Tataw has won the trust andthe heart of the people bcus, we have weighed him on a scale and found him very trustworthy. But you and Ayaba Cho cartel, Akwanga the warlord and kidnapper have loose it all. Never again for you can rant like a monkey on heat from now to thy kingdom come, nobody in GZ and diaspora will stand with killers, kidnappers, traitors and scammers like you guys. You're bad News to Ambazonians period.

  8. Confused, inconsistent, delusional trouble maker NO 1. You and your his Excellency Cho Ayaba cabal. Tell us what happened to general Ivo. You guys orchestrated the deaths in Guzang didn't you? You no di shame Ivo? Lying through your teeth. Chai, badluck.

  9. Money is not more to yr hands go out and work for yr self an not waiting for people to contribute and u make profit of it Idiot.
    Eric Tataw is the best
    Trust worthy person.

  10. Thee's one thing about intellectuals that doesn't hide. You started that you will be talking with proves, but waiting until the end of your lies to see the proves. Of Course if you had one, you could have shown it. Nothing!. If the baby journalist as you address him took $22.000 and $22.500 at one point from mtb you could have shown it not ending up saying you were told. Told by who?. Is this not the same "I hear say", we have been fighting against?. My brother every body comes from a county just go back to yours and identify your self there and work to save you people. This issue brought up by Eric has helped to curb out thieves. Lets' be honest to our people for once. Dr Akwanga and Dr Ayaba Cho should come out and apologies for their evil they did. Those names you are calling to be brought in, where are they, only to be brought in?. Can't they work on their own as well in their county to save their people?. County by county is not tribe by tribe. Where ever you were born or grow up, is your county.

  11. I'm very sorry if at this level of this revolution you still don't have an amba flag and you come online before searching for our amba anthem and you keep calling yourself an activist trying to bring people together by insulting others. You are not serious man .

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