23 thoughts on “Tapang Ivo talks about the dead of General Ivo and the way forward”

  1. Ivo Tapang; it is better you stay quiet than talking. You and your team are no more with the Ambas. Every Southern Cameroons a.k.a Ambazonia know that. You guys lure Gen. Ivo Mbah to his death. All because of Greed and Power Mongers. It's over! Ivo was the 1ST in Command. Because he is Dead, you lrc surrogates have demoted him.

  2. You see yourselves. Shameless people. What are gaining for all this greed. Not even looking at the home population that is suffering. We have a radio let the radio tell us.
    You are nobody to lure this man to death. God will judge you and Ayaba

  3. Our writers has said it all as I lack words to address these power, greed and money mongers. It's even better your page is open, not your group partner like capo who is talking nonsense and block his page from answers. What you pple re looking for will follow you.

  4. Pls read write ups and see how everyone is lamenting with your video. You will not join IG, you will not unite, you will abuse other leaders, you will order for killings of those who re not under you, finally we see you and your group working for lrp. God is exposing you pple gradually. .

  5. A man is dead and we have a clown show? bro show some respect. u coming from ur room, shacking or stretching ur neck, shame on u. He was third in command , u saying it over and over. who was First.

  6. Tapang Ivo why? Why did you and Ayaba decide to go that far by slaughtering your own people all bcuz of greed for money and power ? As if it's not enough you went ahead and sold gen Ivo to LRC bcuz he threathen to expose you guys why Tapang.you and your blood sucker scammer manipulator of a master ayaba cho have cooked enough lies as usual to come on social media znd add more salt to our injuries right. The God some of us serve is mighty in battle n is above all principalities and power, and no power of darkness that you and ayaba cho have can stand him period. We're on out kneels and we will not relent our efforts until we see him finish the work he promised us in his word. Which is to expose, crush and silent anybody that has decided to fight and cause us pain. We thk him for exposing you and ayaba to be the Achans and the Judas Iscariot of Ambazonia . We now know better what to do when we go into our spiritual warfare. May these Achans and Judas Ayaba Cho, Tapang Ivo, and all other hidden house traitors, together with the all the regime of Biya, his millitary and all those who sit and plan the dead of the suffering people of Southern Cameroon recieve the double portion of Achan in Joshua 7 and that of Judas Iscariot. May you oh Lord arise and let them who have decided to cause us pain be shattered. May you fight them that stab us from behind and contempt with those that contempt with us in this struggle or Lord. May their wives and children become widows and orphans as they have done until others my Father. Tapang and Ayaba, the Lord may be slow, but he will surely avenge, strike ,and plug out all the evil, corrupt , greedy, blood suckers like you and ayaba cho in this revolution . You and ayaba cho used Ivo to slaughter our brothers in batibo, turn and killed him thinking you could cover your dirty secrets.The same way You guys executed Ivo, the same Ayaba will execute you bcus he knows that you know all the secrets, and finally will the God of Vengeance finish with him. You guys are beast and should be treated like outcasts amongst Ambazonians bcus , you guys have decided to stop at nothing to make sure you sell all Ambazonians especially our fighters to LRC to finish your contract and have your cash. But ,your guys will not live to eat that money bcuz, it's blood money.For my bible says that he who has ill gotten wealth will not live long to enjoy it bcuz , the source is evil. No peace for the wicked says the word of the lord.

  7. You just wrapped yourself with your own words. When the time has fully come you and Ayaba will explain to Ambazonians and to God Almighty. We have credible evidence and will produce it when time comes that he wanted to run for his life when he discovered that You and Ayaba Cho had sold him already to Fon Mukete and Lrc .We will produce the evidence that your agent in Nigeria told ayaba Cho of Ivo's plan to move ,and that made you guys to rushed with your evil plans of executing him. His blood will cry for revenge against you guys who masterminded his dead.

  8. ivo you are the biggest idiot i have ever known. you stay in a foreign land and speak nonesense. come and stand forward, show the people what you want them to do. And no international company will ever employ you. They will use you as a shield.

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