5 thoughts on “Tapang Ivo Tanku vs Barack Obama, the case of Ambazonia, the case of LRC”

  1. Whitewash selpuchre. Only the gullible believes this spychopath. Yes sending francophones away is just as bad as killing the deligate of social affairs and the divisional deligate for Momo. What did they do to the ADF to deserve that? Sending them away is just as bad as asking criminals in the guise of fighters to kidnap for ramsom all diasporas coming in to the country by u. Your mother or father got u as a bad reward for either of their hidden crime people knows nothing about. Many people do fall pray today for good grammar, it not about having a language command, it about sound judgement.

  2. U we're not acquitted in the American court because u we're not guilty, it was because all the crimes u committed were but against the cameroonian people in Cameroon. U are a criminal of the highest order. U thing geographical space if an escape means from crimes. But true justice which will visit every criminal doesn't respect geographical space. One of the things about unrepentant criminals is that even when justice tries to spare and grant them time for repentance, the seems to always try to meet up with the same justice by doing more the the things that incriminated them in the first place.

  3. The kiling of each other in gz is provoked by the desire& move of ayabacho/adf to invade,&conquer from county to county instead of suporting the excisting gov for the freedom of SC 1st , before elections. God didnt even use any unity amongst israelites to free them from Egyptian enslavement as long as there were a few God fearing, straight minded people like Moses available for God to use, so shall it be for southern cameron. Glory be to God. Amen.

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