"Tapang Protest At IMF/World Bank" (No Longer Want To Do Cam We Stay With PoBiya!) March PoPo Face!!

3 months ago

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The protester want the flag of Cameroon removed from the IMF…PoBiya get out of Ambazonia Territory, you have Ambas enough!!
they want the world bank to stop giving money to bad african presidents…
Tapang Ambazonia does not support Terrorists like you too…when they say you are a very DUUUULLLLLL boy!! what has the complexion of that guy’s skin got to do with the reason you all are out there…You are complaining about Biya not loving ambazonia, but you are hating on someone’s complexion…How is that any of your business how God made him? STUPIT Idiot say his skin is that is this…SsssMMMeeelllling Mop Idiot…
You did not hear the guy say you have a very large waist and Huge behind…No because he is good on the inside! Not like idiots like you who think it is OK to open you pie mouth and vomit anything out OF it and it is suppose to be ok because you all high and mighty…It is people with bad manipulative insides like you who go around lying and insulting the way God Created others that are not needed in the new Southern Cameroon/ambazonia…who like to bring others down to make themselves feel Good and Better…Look hear Mr LAAARRRGGGEE Waist it is what is in the side of somebody that matters and not how they look on the Outside…IIIIDDDIIIOOOT!!
Ooooo do not get me started…COCONUT HEAD!!


The Struggle Continues

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