Tenacity on the southern Cameroon soil.

1 month ago

Unfathomable reports/revelations unraveled from some suburb communities and city neighborhoods on ground zero southern Cameroon on a daily basis, one can say is breathe taking and unbelievable but for the past three years now which 2020 at it’s fall, makes it 04 years of intense combat and bloodshed on the southern Cameroon soil with the civilian casualties surging through out (18.000 and more deaths), thanks to incidents of this sort both on the defected soldiers of the self proclaimed state of southern Cameroon’s Ambazonia. There are tons of barbaric and unorthodox actions on the side of the government forces which has left scores of dead civilian masses and an unaccountable loss of civilian homes, private properties and business places downed to debris by flames from the militaries hand. Actions like shooting on months old babies, mutilating women under delivery pains along the new Born baby still in the mums womb, boiling months old child in a hot drum of oil in a local oil milling factory, setting the elderly ablaze in their homes, rape, looting of civilian valuables, decapitation/beheadings etc, is enough to tell the magnitude of gross atrocious happenings of events on the civilian by the unprofessional military of Cameroun. Though in African parlance (pidgin English language) Take a listen for yourself.


The Struggle Continues

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