Terrorism a growing threat in Africa – UN Chief to Security Council (7 October 2019)

1 year ago

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Opening remarks by H.E. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations at Peace and Security in Africa: The centrality of preventive diplomacy, conflict prevention and resolution during the 8633rd meeting of the Security Council.

The Security Council met today (07 Oct) on “Peace and Security in Africa: The Centrality of Preventative Diplomacy, Conflict Prevention and Resolution”. The meeting, convened under South Africa’s presidency this month, emphasized the Council’s role in cooperation with regional and sub-regional organizations.

Addressing the Security Council members, Secretary-General, António Guterres said,
“Terrorism is a growing threat across Africa, with serious implications for peace and security everywhere. In the Sahel, terrorist groups regularly attack local and international security forces – we had another death yesterday – including our Blue Helmets serving with MINUSMA. The violence is spreading to coastal states along the Gulf of Guinea.”

Recalling the importance of UN peacekeeping efforts in Africa, Guterres commended UN’s cooperation with the African Union, “including with the AU’s Peace and Security Council.”
He added, “Across the continent, the United Nations is working in steadfast and close cooperation with the African Union and African sub-regional organizations to prevent and resolve conflicts.”


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Terrorism a growing threat in Africa – UN Chief to Security Council (7 October 2019)”

  1. Destroy radical islamic fundamentalist terrorism….. Pakistan is heaven state for terrorism n terrorist…. Eleminate Pakistan fm world map….. Otherwise whole world would pay the price…. Pakistan is curse to humanity….

  2. It may seem cute to follow people and do little ignorant things to cause annoyance but it really is not .The conditioning that is required for me to keep saying this several years later after my initial awareness of this in 2015 really speaks to how much has not been done in the past few years to ensure citizens can live free from harm.

  3. Oh, that's handy . . . so Africa can be kept in the stone age forever under the ruse of ever-present terrorism aka corporatism guided by the terrorist organisation known as the UN?! Cunning stunts!

  4. Terrorism has always existed in Africa,
    Lot of men women and children are absolutely in a devastated conditions without having access to the essential necessities of life.

    Terrorism must be addressed regardless where they are as we know exactly whom is funding them and whose behind them.

    And yet it seems that some parties are neglecting their duties on shedding a blind eye on those activities.

    Whom to blame ?

    Why is the 21st century there’s still in Africa ppl under such conditions?

    Action is required instead of repeating the same réthoriques throughout the years.

  5. UN provide some peace for world. But un couldn't protect a lot of nationas so i would like to say about
    Freedom because people have been facing a lot of trouble so take the action against terrorism and give freedom . I will pray for peace ☺☺☺🌎save people and save nation

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