1. Mr Paul Biya to you and your cohorts be rest assured that the cloud is dark, and very dark as so to speak, when it begins to rain you people will have no where to run to.

  2. Mr Paul Biya just created another committee of thieves and embezzlers in the name of disarmament committee. You may kill Ambazonians and leak their blood but nemeses will catch up with you all, the day is coming.

  3. Mr. Governor u must be mad , u guys are carrying for injustice just remember what u guys did to professor kamtu. When you give someone a bad coin,when gives it back to you don't carry. Do me I do u .ok.

  4. Bar. Agbor Emmanuel, u're the true son of ur father. God bless u for the wisdom (…that the author of this troubles in the Cameroons lacks or refuse to embrace…)
    The president of lrc says disarm people…Do they know them? Have the both parties agreed on anything?
    People they called terrorists can not be disarmed by a gov't whose policy is just creating a multiple of useless committees, he must cease 🔥 first, free their leaders in jail (…as this action will create a terrain of temporal peace to the fighters..). The military is still spread all over these regions, gun battles are still echoing here & there (Amba boys only go after the military so withdrawal of the same in these regions is another fertile ground for dialogue…)
    The return of displaced persons:
    1) they prefer Amba boys to military hence, they need much time to gain confidence in the military or the govt so, peaceful approaches may give u like 32% chances to bringing dem back.
    2) their houses and properties were burnt so, something has to be done about their shelter b4 they can possibly return (( use freeminded people like the ayah foundation & a pitch of the true men of God _ those who have been always there for them not those useless committees))
    Can this govt not speak peace for once in their 36yrs of experience just to solve a problem they created in the so called one & indivisible Cameroons they always claim? Do they not see how dark the clouds covering the Cameroons are? Are they not tired of open disgrace all over the world each time? The lies telling, the killing of babies & mothers? The raping of young girls by seasoned professionals as they call dem?
    A time will come when even a 🐕 will deny the master in the Cameroons if a quick & peaceful step is not nurtured now.. it's a shame to this once reputable & peaceful Cameroons to continuously answering the people's cry by killing some, jailing some, disappearing some & displacing some into different forests (under very unsafe conditions which is unvoidably preferred by the victims to the brutality & ill treatments by a fellow humans-military or govt) & some across different countries (worst than the Cameroons) for safety.
    Wake up the Cameroons, the clouds are very dark & announcing enormous danger!!!!!
    The blood of the Innocents shall never be spilled in vain, they're crying for vengeance… All u evildoers, repent even though it's getting too late b4 all of you join the music I hear in hell ((((my opinion is open for correction)))

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