8 thoughts on “THE 6PM NEWS (Guest: Michele NDOCKI ” )WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 12th 2018 – EQUINOXE TV”

  1. For Ni John and his Parliamentarians to have not quitted the CameroUn Parliament and stand with the people since 2016 till now means he still believe something good can come from Yaounde, how long shall we keep on condemning the atrocious act of the Dictator/Colonizer and yet keep going to his Parliament?

  2. Hahaha! The analysis of what the Baristar is saying is that Cameroonians of all walks of life should do what the Yellow Vest did, but one thing I heard her clearly is that the Dictator will always find a way to to bribe, threaten corrupt, arrest and lock up the Leaders of every movement. Yes I equally understand her when she says we citizens should ask ourselves what is the lesson we can learn from the yellow Vests for we are all the victims. I remember in one time report it was said the situation in France was difficult to handle because the government could not make out any Leader of the movement with whom any negotiation or dialogue could be made. But Cameroun is yet failing for though they abducted and locked up the Southern Cameroon-Ambazonia Leaders things had since gotten worse than they taught. So I think if the Camerounese of all walks of life according to the Baristar rise up now with the lesson learned from the yellow Vests, then the Dictator will be sent packing.

  3. Interesting to watch two intelligent, courageous ladies, Ndokl and Mimi who have defied the tyranny of Paul Biya's regime.
    Paul Biya is an illegitimate president. The world is closing on him. He won't last long.

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