15 thoughts on “THE 6PM NEWS (Guest:Bar. Felix AGBOR BALLA NKONGHO)MONDAY DECEMBER 10th 2018 – EQUINOXE TV”

  1. Creating committees in the front, while in the background continuing to kill civilians, burning villages and eliminating human beings in the NW and SW is a deception. We should not even be talking about LRC's committees. Lets say the truth, the government is committing a genocide and has to be asked to stop it

  2. No credibility in promises from this regime to the English speaking brand of the Cameroons ((ambazonians)) so, anyone who comes back will not be treated badly as they promised but will be killed slowly by any means to wipe out the idea of Independence or a separate country as some claim therefore, a peaceful dialogue should be engaged & especially the leaders of the ambazonians should be freed from jail to create a fertile ground for genuine peace in the Cameroons… My opinion is open for corrections

  3. It is one and the same story. The gov't of La République du Cameroun is deaf and dumb. I still doubt the stakes so-called federalist think they have associating with such an inanimate and dead gov't. Use this effort and let's shout our way to our own country.

  4. Good work from the news desk of equinox, but the student on the image is not the best student. thats not Miss KINYUY TATIANA.. the student projected on the news is equally an outstanding student but not the best graduating student.. thanks hope this help you people in your future reporting….

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