10 thoughts on “THE 6PM NEWS THURSDAY MARCH 7th 2019 – EQUINOXE Tv”

  1. Madame lecturer you need to go back and start all over from form1. You reallyneed it like seriously. Even the literature does not flow from your tongue. You just crame ur 3words them came di waste man time TV. Shift masa. 😠😠

  2. All those la republic judges are acting foolishly, greeting someone is a crime? Everything has an end believe it or not. We shall overcome and Paul biya and his 40 thrives will pay for their misdeeds . Guys gear up for the purchase of the Ak 47 ,we shall not take it anymore.

  3. Pourquoi menacer l'être humain de se manière, c'est vous ses gouvernements du Cameroun, qui connaissent toutes les lois du monde entier, et c'est vous les premiers eperviers du monde, et c'est vous par si pas la. Mous sommes fatigués de vous.

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